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About TransAdvantage

TransAdvantage serves agents and van operators of United Van Lines and Mayflower Transit, as well as other professional movers across the country. Its primary functions include selling and financing tractors, trucks and trailers. 

TransAdvantage offers agents a full line of money-saving products and services including uniforms, apparel and promotional items; cartons; decals; tires; equipment rentals; truck and engine parts; CDI emergency breakdown service; and fuel/cash advance. 

TransAdvantage was founded in 1969 as “United Leasing, Inc.” and as a subsidiary of United Van Lines. The firm’s initial mission was primarily the sale and lease of tractors and trailers to United agents and van operators. Over time, United Leasing expanded its menu of products and services. In 1987, it became an operating company of UniGroup and in 1997 its name was changed to Total Transportation Services, Inc. (TTS), with Trans Advantage, Inc. as its principal subsidiary. 

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